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Being Human

Poems Understanding of science
Is limited by factual information
Wisdom is limited
By knowledge and experience

Living within our expectations
Is a plus
Our beliefs and personal values
Define us

If virtue is moral excellence
Feelings of self esteem
Is important to our confidence

Integrity is our character traits
It reflects our moral values
To have confidence in our self worth
Causes us no issues

You live within your convictions
Or you feel you would not rate
How we think or behave
Is part of our fate

Humans have a strong need
To belong
When valued it is always right
It is never wrong

If dignity is social
Then respect comes from one another
Pride comes from within
Not from each other

Metabolic needs are necessary
For all human beings
Air, food and water
Provides the means

Being human
Is part of our complexity
The significance of all of these traits
Is part of our mortality

Connie Soto
April 22, 2011

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