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Poems In life we often
Struggle against obstacles
No matter how big or how small
We know that they are unavoidable

The existence of everyday stimulus
Can either teach or entertain us

Mostly these are common challenges
That is typical
Occasionally they can be
An adventure that turns out to be
Quite remarkable

We leave childhood
This makes us view
The world differently
This change of perspective
Show signs of
The beginning of maturity

Self centered humans
Do not become wise
Neither do humans
Who always seem
To live their lives with lies

Wisdom does not automatically
Come with age
To perceive reality
Is the beginning stage

Wisdom does not always automatically
Come with knowledge
Even smart humans are not wise
Despite this fact
We can still feel encouraged

It is uncanny
That common sense
Is not always common

The material things we strive for in life
Even with success
It does not
Give us wisdom

Wisdom requires deep understanding
That becomes refined
The depth that is needed
Means reading between the lines

Wisdom is the way we look at life
With that quality of mind
That special depth of meaning
That we learn to find

Out of common every day events
Wisdom always takes time
To cultivate the knowledge of wisdom
Is good for mankind

Connie Soto
January 14, 2011

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