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Instead of Rivalry

Poems Any sibling needs
To identify their individuality
Separate from the rest
In the families hierarchy

Brothers and sisters
Is a branch from the family tree
A bond of love
Can grow unconditionally

A special closeness
Is what they can share
The connection between
A brother and a sister
Can always be there

Each sibling knows
Where you have been
Different perceptions
Of past experiences
Make life interesting to no end

This unspoken knowledge
Is a vital key
It is the dynamics
Of your family

Joined together from the past
A conscious effort
Can make siblings friendship last

Birth order makes a difference
To the family's dynamics
It seems to make a difference
To a person's development

Outside the family
Birth order does not seem
To make a difference
Ambition and effort
Is what makes for achievement

If successful
Each year that passes
You know that your sibling
Will be there
The bond is strong
You have no fear

A hug is nice
Instead of rivalry
To become adult friends
Is the best result
In any family

Connie Soto
October 17, 2010

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