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When You React to Stress

Poems Fight or flight is a natural instinct
It is a response
To a perceived threat
Physical or psychological
Your natural defense will protect you
Against any kind of threat

The demands of everyday life
Can be full of frustrations
Learning to cope
Is important in any situation

When you have to deal with someone
Who is simply being a jerk
Consider the source
To get upset provides no perks

A necessary part of life
Is change
It is inevitable
That life will never
Stay the same

Accepting change
Is important for us to do
It can impact our well-being
Which can make
A difference for us too

Physical changes occur
When you react to stress
Increased strength and stamina
Is necessary to help us deal
With all the uneasiness

Concentration is enhanced
When stress is high
This increased attention
Can help us to get by

Sometimes the added pressure
Can give us the ability
To do our best
Sometimes it works to our advantage
Providing challenges that makes us grow
Which can ensure success

Individuals react differently
To different levels of stress
Particular strategies and techniques to cope
Seem to be a little more effective
Than some of the rest

For the issues that are out of our control
We need to learn to make them
Impact us a little less
Confidence with a positive attitude
Can increase our chances
To handle this kind of stress

Effective strategies need to be implemented
For your emotional well being
The alternative can be diminished health
With little or no self-esteem

Stress has a way of creeping up on us
Making it feel normal in many ways
We may not be able to resolve it
But we can change our reaction to it
Even if it does not go away

Your response has to change
Your thoughts and reactions
To seek out others who care for you
Is part of your protection

To set limits or even to say no
Is not always easy
It seems to be a little hard to learn
To decrease stress
It is necessary

Working at it
One a day at a time
Helps to keep things
From going wrong
How else could you manage
Emotional resilience
That is a strong

Connie Soto
June 25, 2010

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