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Unconventional Passions

Poems Imagination, invention and innovation
Is the key to creativity
What makes these passionate humans succeed
Is the challenge of the impossibility

Unconventional passions
Using creativity outside of the norm
The journey is established
With spontaneity and independent thinkers
Who do not conform

A naturally driven human
Simply sees what others cannot see
They are more effective in the ability
To transform new ideas into reality

For the individual ingenuity
With all the complexities and insight
It can provide the strategy
To achieve originality in a better light

A natural part of invention
Begins with a child's natural tendency
Toward curiosity
The encouragement of this spontaneity
Ensures the success of creativity

Inventors and innovators
Seem to have an uncanny talent
The creativity of ideas
Entice them
The challenge and excitement
Guides them

Not to be a part of the everyday majority
There is no status quo for them
The confidence to solve complex problems
Is the way of life for them

The focus of a rough idea
Is all that is needed to proceed
These extraordinary humans
Make the world a better place indeed

Connie Soto
June 11, 2010

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