Listen to "The Mind is Extremely Complicated"

The Mind is Extremely Complicated

Poems To utilize past experiences
It requires the use of our memory
It helps us to figure out
Who we are
With a little common sense
It can help us to go far

Memory is a basic simple process
It stores and retrieves our thoughts
Even though we use it everyday
We hardly ever give it a second thought

We selectively can choose
The things that we want to remember
These choices rely on the significance
Of values that we consider better

Our mind is quite incredible
For its resilience and
Endless capabilities
A little attention helps to develop
A little emotional stability

Awareness comes from
A little concentration
As our emotions are not facts
Mental anguish seem
To challenge our beliefs
Testing new possibilities
Can determine how we react

The mind is extremely complicated
It provides for our well-being
That fundamental basic understanding
With insight opens the way to self-esteem

Connie Soto
June 05, 2010

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