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To Be Lazy Means to Be a Spectator

Poems Hierarchy is part of civilization
Wasteful or nonexistent efforts
Do not meet social expectations

Society defines the structure
These elements create demands

Within the social norms are values
We must all work together
Hand in hand

Laziness does not provide
Any where to go

It becomes a matter of adapting
To the regulation
Of the societal flow

The inability to be motivated
Prevents any real accomplishments

Perhaps it is not missed
Because it was never experienced

It seems to be a personal choice
In life we either
Want to achieve something

Or we can choose
To do nothing

So what does it mean
To be lazy

The tendency to do nothing
Means that you miss out in life
Like crazy

With a lack of hopes and dreams
Comes with it
A loss of self esteem

The magnitude
Of the lack of motivation
Provides no gain

It is more than just being lazy
It generally causes
A bit of pain

For creative humans
The development of ideas
Set the way

To be lazy means
To be a spectator
Who usually never has a say

Connie Soto
July 03, 2010

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