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The Uniqueness of Human Creativity

Poems To establish purpose and
Define intensions

Creative ideas stimulate
Originality and motivation

To be at the forefront
Of something new
Is to leave the safety
Of tradition behind

It means that things
Will change for the better
Providing that you dedicate
Enough time

The willingness
To take a risk
Provides an opportunity
For discovery

To be passionate
In what you do
Provides the key
For your creativity

Expectation of conformity
Can hinder
Natural creativity

Encouragement from an early age
For this natural ability
Should foster exploration and curiosity

The process of human creativity
In itself is its own reward

To feel immersed
In a challenge means
That you will not
Be bored

The uniqueness of human creativity
Can make a person
Feel vulnerable

To focus on the journey
Using your natural strengths
Is what you will find desirable

Connie Soto
June 04, 2010

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