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What Gets Your Attention

Poems Body language gives us away
When our mind is wandering
We all let our minds wander
Most of the time
It is done without thinking

How often have you heard
When someone comes close to death
Once it is all over
They appreciate each day
Better than the rest

Knowing that humans
So often take things for granted
Not until after something is gone
Is it really appreciated

Could it be something as simple
As paying attention
That makes humans have these tendencies
After all life is based on
What gets your attention
It is the things
That you tuck away in your memories

To notice things around you
You just simply need to see
New insights stimulate the mind
It enhances life
As it helps to fulfill your needs

Body language signals convey
What we do not
Put into words
If someone is attentive
The message is easily translated
As if we were heard

If you do not pay attention
Missing out is what you will get
What happens before your very eyes
Is your best chance yet

What you ignore
You do not experience
You miss the significance
Of what it could be

The human mind
Relates to the things
That we
Choose to see

Connie Soto
August 21, 2010
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