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A Very Special Place

Relationship Poems What do you call Grandparent's
Often they go by different names
Grandpa and Namma
Is a good set to choose
It is fun that they are unique
Instead of the same

To spend the night
At Grandpa and Namma's house
It is always fun to do
When you wake in the morning and
Peek in their room
They are snuggled together
Kitty sleeps with them too

They do not mind
If you wake them up
They make you hot chocolate
With tiny marshmallows
That melts in a cup

They always listen to you
They always try to understand
They are responsive to your needs
They make no demands

It is fun to have Grandparents
They are always there for you
They are patient and kind
With insight and lots of imagination too

You are the link to the future
Where they are the link to the past
A little bit of history
Makes traditions that last

They always make you
Feel warm and safe
Their home
Is a home
Away from home
Which is a very special place

Connie Soto
September 17, 2010
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