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To Understand Their Differences

Relationship Poems To be unique with individuality
Is part of being human

An emotional bond between couples
Is something that we need
Because we are human

Conflicts are a normal
Part of all relationships

Conflicts happen
Because no doubt
We all have differences

Differences never really go away

Differences need to be handled
In just the right way

To communicate effectively
It can help couples
To understand their differences

Your inner emotions along
With knowledge and perception
Is important to the understanding
Of these differences

In our minds we can perceive
Somewhat objectively

With the awareness of fundamental
Speculation with purpose and relevance
We can gain a little understanding
More effectively

The less distortion in these interactions
The more trust is learned

The more accurate the perception
The more reason love is earned

To some extent
We learn by cumulative experiences

From these reflective observations
We gain a little knowledge
With it comes a little significance

To examine the difference
That couples share
Can create the potential
For a deeper understanding

With honesty and positive reinforcement
That can bring them closer
To share their values and their feelings

The more we are true to ourselves
The more we can be true to each other

The more we understand our inner emotions
The more we can respond to one another

Connie Soto
September 10, 2010
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