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To Be in Touch With Reality

Relationship Poems Have you ever met someone
Where you just knew
This was it
Before the relationship could get started
They were gone lickety split

Why is it that we find the people
Who seem to be drawn to us
Is never the same ones
Who we seem to think
Would be suitable for us

You would think it would be natural
If we liked them
That they would like us too
It does not seem to work that way
What is a person suppose to do

The way to comprehend
What is happening
Is to be in touch with reality

Life is our interpretation
That lack of interest shows us
That there is no future
There is only a bit of frustration

The illustration was your perceived vision
Not really who they actually are
To live without that kind of fantasy
Will help you find someone better by far

Sometimes we feel a special chemistry
Where the feelings are not returned
This intoxication is a delusion
Where the ego feels shattered
When reality is learned

To learn the things that you do not like
Seek out things that you want
The insight will help you to learn
The type of personality
That matches what you want

As we learn more about ourselves
It can help us to make better choices
Matching similar interests and values
Keeping away from too many differences

When you are comfortable to be yourself
When you are comfortable together
You laugh together easily too
You have trust and faith in each other

A little spontaneity that comes
With lots of love and caring
A little communication that comes
With lots of respect and understanding

You will know when a person
Is genuinely right for you
When all these things come together
That special twinkle in your eyes
Is a sign that lets you know
You will be together

Connie Soto
September 04, 2010
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