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Breaking Free

Relationship Poems Why do you settle
For a bad situation
Again and again
Resentment usually happens
In the end

A bad situation
Gets rearranged in your mind
To convince yourself
That it is right
Does not take much time

A little self confidence
Could help you
To recognize your own lies
Eventually reality sets in
It will soon open your eyes

Why do you fear
Breaking free
This kind of loyalty
Should not be

Do you respect what they say
Do you respect what they do
Do you want them to spend
A lot of time with you

The intoxication of the delusion
Ignores the bad
Concentrating on only the good points
Was all you had

A little diversity
Can be the spice of life
Too much always causes
Too much strife

Throw away your expectations
Listen to the logic of your mind
To find out
Who is really right for you
Will take a little bit of time

Trust in who they are
Not in who
You want them to be
Together reality
Can set you both free

To choose someone
Who is truly right for you
To connect
With a special bond
Is what you really
Want to do

Do not settle
For anything less
Why not reach
For the very best

Connie Soto
September 11, 2010
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