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The Quest of Probability

Poems Luck is something beyond a person's control
That is considered an accident or chance
Is it associated with probability
Depending upon the circumstance

Let us delve a little deeper
In the quest of probability
That random occurrence
That never happens very frequently

The laws of mathematics
That makes something possible
Does not necessarily mean
That it is probable

The probability of things that happen
Depend on every decision we make
The outcome is not always predictable
Sometimes it can alter our fate

Decisions have the greatest impact
No matter what we do
It is a chain reaction
Both immediate and in the future too

As we journey through life
Do things happen for a reason
A random event might become
A treasure beyond comparison

Life is meaningful
Even if it is sometimes accidental
If there is no explanation why
Sometimes it is simply unpredictable

We know we made things happen
Each step of the way
How we respond to that random event
Can be a journey
More fulfilling than I can say

Connie S. Soto
July 30, 2011

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