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A Healthy Ego

Poems Humans are said to have a persona
It is what we present
To the external world as our identity
Within our consciousness
We hold our sense of self
It is all part of our personality

Our ego seems to be
In the center of our consciousness
It excludes unconscious thoughts
Does this hinder our effectiveness

Perhaps it lurks in the shadows
Hidden and comes out in various ways
Perhaps together
It is all part of our personality
Which affects us everyday

Our ego develops as children
Which marks the beginning of logic
As we grow and mature
We work to achieve a balance
That is authentic

We utilize interpretation
To control our defenses
It seems our ego depends
Upon our analyses

What we gain
By using impulse control
Our judgment and tolerance
Is to function without conflict
Which provides for a needed balance

The ego is an important force
In adapting to life's environment
It helps to meet basic needs
Throughout our development

A healthy ego should function
Without emotional struggles
Increased strength of your true self
Reinforce your values

Connie S. Soto
March 03, 2011

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