Listen to "Your Mother is Forever in Your Heart"

A Poem for Mother's Day

Your Mother is Forever in Your Heart

Poems Mother's Day
Is a time to say
How much we appreciate
Her special ways

The loving way she looks at you
Gives you confidence
In everything you do

No matter how old
You grow to be
Your Mother is forever
In your heart

No matter how old
She grows to be
She will always be special
She has been with you
From the very start

Mother's remind us of things
That is cozy and warm
Home is peaceful and calm
An environment that you can count on
To bring no harm

When you were growing up
When something made you feel bad
You could count on your Mother
To hold you tight
You knew in your heart
That she would make things right

The tender moments
That we share
Is full of love
Beyond compare

Connie Soto
May 07, 2010

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