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Poems At first thought
Dignity seems to be ethical
Or a social justice
Belonging acknowledges
A human's right to make choices

Archeologists have uncovered
The means for human survival
It was though predation and constant battles

Rankism is abusive and not justified
Perpetrators demean others in a nasty way
Today dignity protects us
From potential prey

Predation of any type
Always attack the weak
Superiority seems to be
What they seek

As humans
Should we not have a rightful place
Cooperation and respect
Is not a disgrace

This exploitation
Has no real reason at all
It is simply an excuse
To feel superior over all

To discriminate in this way
Can eliminate competition
Does this gain provide
For the right kind of recognition

Adaptation is part of survival
Humiliation is the degradation of dignity
Regardless of rank
Validation and recognition is part of equality

Dignity although not a science
Is knowledge and wisdom no less
As a human species
Can we experience success

Connie S. Soto
June 12, 2010

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