Listen to "It is Human to Seek Comfort"

It is Human to Seek Comfort

Human evolution has come far
The emotional bonds of love
Makes us who we are

For humans an emotional connection
Is not a desire
It is a need
In primal times it was fight or flight
Fear of abandonment
Was strong indeed

Humans seek the comfort of love
It is the inevitable desire
Of human bonding
Unfortunately it sometimes takes
An entire lifetime of searching

So often humans give up and search again
Instead of learning to manage conflicts
That helps to build our strength together
To continue on again

Even angry words
Start with good intentions
It is hard when we find
That our loved ones
Are non-responsive

We can seriously hurt one another
When we spew angry words
Against each other

This lets the conflict
Control the confrontation
Instead we need to control the issues
Of the conflict
This in turn can protect each other
In the situation

Our emotional bond is not
To eliminate
The differences that we feel
Between each other
The bond is the art of listening
Understanding and accepting one another

It is not always easy
To understand
It is human to seek the comfort
From a lovers hand

Connie S. Soto
September 05, 2010

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