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A Poem for Mother's Day

Who Was There

Poems Who took care of you
When you were young
Who was always there
When the day was done

Who tucked you into
Bed at night
Who gave you praise
When you did things right

Who read you stories
Before you could read
Who taught you how
To say your ABCs

Who was there
Before you could walk
Who always took time
When you needed to talk

Who encouraged you
When things were bad
Who made you smile
When you felt sad

Who pampered you
When you were sick
Who helped you learn
The pogo stick

Who took you
Where you needed to be
Who patched you up
When you hurt your knee

Who taught you
Right from wrong
Who taught you
To be independent and strong

Who loves you
No matter how old
You happen to be

A Mothers is always
There for you
You can be sure
She loves you too

Connie Soto
April 17, 2010

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