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The Use of the Internet

The Internet is fairly new
It can be a social
An interactive tool

The use of the Internet
Seems to be endless
In its capabilities

Taking advantage of the resource
Is easy for a small fee

Traditional communication still exists

Some people still do not connect
They continue to resist

Instantaneous sharing and communication
Can be accomplished
In your preferred way

The Internet allows for flexibility
No matter the location
Time of day

Search engines
Index web pages with key words
To allow users to navigate
From one web page to another

This provides easy access
To a diverse amount of information
So much quicker

Online shopping
Cuts out the middle man

Goods can be purchased
Throughout the land

Files and photos are only two
Of the many things
That can be shared

Audio or video
If you dare

To pursue common interests
Whether you blog or Twitter

The Internet is a significant
Endless resource
For connecting to one another

Connie S. Soto
October 10, 2010

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