Listen to "A Poem about Serenity - The Sea"


The Sea

Where the ocean
Meets the sky
Serenity is the feeling
That makes you sigh

The ocean waves crash
Against the rocks nearby
A special feeling
Is what cannot be denied

The water glistens
From the sun rays
The foamy salt
That curls in the waves

The tide is part of the sea
It comes in and out
Quite naturally

Why does the sea
Give you a feeling of peace
When you gaze
Into the foggy mist

The calm of the sea
The soft gentle breeze
The smell of the salt
Is a small part of the peace

It is massive and powerful
Like no other
It is treacherous and calm
Quite the opposite of each other

The dampness of
The sand and sea
The salty mist
Where the seagulls fly free

It is dusk
The day is done
Gazing into the horizon
Of the setting sun

Connie Soto
March 29, 2010

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