Listen to "He is the Best Horse"

He is the Best Horse

Heading to the stable
Each morning when it is still early
Your horse is standing there
In all his glory

Raw muscles and power
With eyes serene
More beauty and grace
Then you have ever seen

A little hay
To start the day
He can smell the apple
As he nudges your way

The time you spend
Is special with him
Before you know it
School time creeps in

After school
When the chores are done
Before dinner
It is time for fun

Along the creek
Is where we ride
Through the woods
To the other side

The sound of his hoofs
The wind in my hair
The swish of his tail
In sync together
Makes us
Quite a pair

The trail is familiar
He knows where to go
Together we are free
I am sure that it shows

He grazes awhile
When we reach the lake
The sun helps tell time
So we are not late

Watching him
I feel in awe
When we get back
I will groom him
In his stall

Although his ancestors
Roamed proud and free
With you
He is content
It is easy to see

He knows when I am happy
He knows when I am sad
He is the best horse
That I ever had

Dedicated to my horse

Connie Soto
May 07, 2011

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