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The Written Word

Poems There is a technology shift
With the introduction of the Internet
How it is that society
Will redefine the written word

The shift as to how humans
Define knowledge or pass down history
Is how society
Will redefine the written word

New technology
Changes everyday life
Historical shifts
Did the same in the past

Obsolescent does not always
Mean extinction
Will the ideas and experiences
From our culture last

How important is that
To our society
To preserve experiences and knowledge
Of individuality

For a civilization linked psychologically
What will we consider
The building blocks of literacy

Society has gone from oral learning
It has been a visual order
To how we think

With this shift
To the structure of the printed page

Will we go back
To an oral culture of community
With this new Internet rage

When we turned
The pages in a book
It brought experience and knowledge
To pave the way for learning

Society's survival of the preservation
Of our cultural history and achievements
Can affect civilizations and thinking

It is a fact
That society embraces new technology
Society will divert efforts
To this cultural change

It will not be the same as it was historically
The way we organize and learn will change

However the evolution
Of new technologies

We will strive
For new accomplishments
We will respond
To the challenge of new possibilities

The world's knowledge
Will never be lost
The hunger for knowledge
Will never fade

The written word
Whatever form it will take
It will not stay the same
But it will guide us

It will continue through eternity
To be a part of us

Connie Soto
October 10, 2010

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