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In the Virtual World

Poems The Internet is quite powerful
It is beneficial in a million ways
It helps us keep in touch with each other
In many different ways

Are we ever really
In the here and now
Technology is so convenient
Do we even realize
It is in the way somehow

How often do you get someone
Complete attention
They are usually
In a virtual dimension

Even though we spend hours
In this electronic bubble
Are we really disconnected
Or are we heading for trouble

The consequences of media desires
Can steal your time
How often will these habits
Affect us overtime

Virtual or physical
We all crave attention
Do we ignore our children
Because of these electronic distractions

Over use can cause
Missed opportunities in the real world
In-person interaction is missing
In the virtual world

What should we do
About this digital dilemma
It should not be
Our only charisma

Create a balance
For electronic stimulation
Look into someone's eyes
For a real conversation

Live for now
Do not ignore a child's tug
Stop and give them
A real hug

Connie Soto
May 28, 2012

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