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Socialization of the Internet

Poems Society feels the need to connect
Everyone to everyone else

This frantic need is rampant
It runs across the globe
It is beginning to permeate the culture
Giving rise that everything should be told

The constraints of any borders
Have all been broken down
With an integrated network
Collectively it brings a hierarchy
From town to town

This social cooperation
Can be influential to say the least
It seems a little mind boggling
With its endless kinds of feats

The network infrastructure
Provides empowerment and focus
Collective action
Can make an impact
Providing knowledge and innovation

This new frontier is
The socialization of the Internet
Its design and endless individuality
Its evolution is still undefined as yet

The significance within the culture
Is the digital core
It seems to be knocking
At everyone's door

The coordination of this new hierarchy
Never ceases to amaze me
The end result will be a new culture
Its dynamics will visit world wide
From sea to sea

Connie Soto
May 2, 2010

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