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The Digital Mindless Time Sink

Poems The tools of technology
Provided the means of multitasking
It makes us juggle more
It inundated us with constant activity

With seemingly endless
Digital distractions
It seems to come with
Endless interruptions

Was that a maybe
Or was that a maybe not
To interact face to face
Did they listen to me
Probably not

We seem bombarded with
Increased availability
Does this provide no time
For personal activity

Are we never totally
Absorbed anymore
It seems there is always
Someone knocking
At our door

The need to focus in humans
Is quite strong
Endless multitasking
Seems to be all wrong

The digital mindless time sink
Does not make us shine
What is the cost of so much
Fractured time

The negative effect
Of constant communication
Seems to be more stress
Cognitive performance can decline
If we get no rest

Doing it all is an illusion
Of the distractions
The quality of your life
Should be more important

Do we choose
To go with the flow
Or do we choose
To make our lives
More meaningful and gain
Some control

Connie Soto
March 29, 2010

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